Wednesday, April 29, 2009


On occasion I come across a new snack product at the grocery store that makes me smile. This is a nice contrast to the normal - me scouring the aisles for ANYTHING that is 1)Organic 2)Healthy in general and 3)EASY. Seriously, wouldn't it be nice if the store just wouldn't even sell the junk?!

Here is a tiny list of some snack products that I love and have enjoyed personally.

Mac n' Cheese is an afternoon snack favorite with my kiddos. Annie's is good stuff. It is made from mostly organic ingredients and is junk free. The only thing that would make it even better is whole wheat pasta.

We love cheese in this house! My favorite is feta. The kids love these cheese sticks, and so does their Mommy .  This is an easy on-the-way-out-the-door snack. We buy Horizon Organic Cheese Sticks.

Yogurt is so yummy and great for digestive health. Also by Horizon these Yogurt Tubes we reserve for mornings when we are on our way to a playdate or the library.

Thursdays is a special day around here. We get up early and head to church where I teach the babies and my children get to play with their buddies. The only catch is I have to send a snack with each child to bible class. All I have to do is throw a couple handfuls of these into a pouch and we are on our way. Our favorites are the Just Peas and Just Blueberries from Just Tomatoes. (PS- Sometimes I send FRESH fruit and veggies too!) I buy the organic option, duh.

My latest discovery Smashies!!! Oh my goodness how I love the people who invented this amazing product. This apple sauce is organic with no additives. Talk about EASY and mess-free. My 20 month old daughter has not yet mastered the spoon, so these save my booty.

The truth is, I would LOVE to feed my kids the muffin tin way everyday! But that is a whole 'nother post!


Jennifer W. said...

YAY you posted! I am looking forward to getting back HOME and starting a new life with the fam. That includes being present and able to make changes I can make sure stick, because Kevin can't do it on his own :P I totally rely on your research to start me off. I don't have time or the patience to research everything and if you've already done it, well I'll just follow your lead :P PS - I don't shop at WalMart. Where can you find a lot of these products affordably?

Homeopath said...

great post!, thanks for the ideas

TxMominCT said...

I can't wait to move back where HEB has almost EVERYTHING in a generic organic version! I might actually be able to afford mostly organic everything!!!

Raena said...

Jen - I buy almost everything at HEB Plus. They have way more organic options. Sometimes we also shop at Sun Harvest, their organic produce is cheaper and better.

Homeopath - Thanks for the comment! It is nice to know who is reading. Blessings!

Kat - I can't wait until you are here! And yes, you will be able to afford it...we do and I'm sure we are in the same income bracket.

Raena said...

oh by the way, I try not to shop at walmart either. target has some great organic sausage that is nitrate free. oh and if I had my way we would buy 100% locally grown!

greenkiddo said...

one more thing... try freezing your yogurt tubes, they make great popsicles in the summer! my kids call them yogurt pops!

Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

sadly I Live in a boarder Town and there is only WalMart to shop at, oh how I long for Trader Joes, that used to be the only place I would go!