Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Doin' Our Part

So lately I've been thinking about whether or not we are doing our part to clean up the environment. I feel compelled to do so much more. But here is our pewney list of so-far's...

1. Recycle plastic, paper, and glass

2. Reuse as much as possible. (I have a huge box full of things I don't think anyone would want if I donate it, BUT I don't want to put it in the landfill...UGH!)

3. We have a composter in the backyard and I just started putting all of our leftover and expired food into it. Its gross - but we will use it to fertilize our garden next year.

4. Cloth Diapering. I love it! Big bonus: we save money too. In the words of super hottie Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, "You gotta go BROWN in order to go GREEN."

5. We use all natural body care and household cleaners that don't pollute our home or the environment.

6. No plastic bags for shopping!

7. We make a constant effort to conserve on electricity. We don't leave small appliances plugged in, we have a programmable thermostat, and so on.

8. My husband takes the bus to work! HUGE one! Plus it saves money! You wouldn't believe some of the stories he comes home with...he should start his own blog.

9. We use toys, clothing, furniture, and so on that are made from natural and renewable resources or recycled materials. (wood, bamboo, cotton)

10. Going paperless! We do as much online as possible - bill pay, banking, party invitations, communications, ect.

11. We buy almost all Organic foods and have cut beef from our diet at home.

Things I want to do to be a better steward...

-Recycle Metal
-Buy locally grown produce & GROW my own produce
-Get a CLOTHESLINE and hang most our laundry rather than using the dryer.
-Use natural make up
-When we finally build our dream home on our land I want to be OFF THE GRID!

*How are YOU going green? Leave a comment and my next post will be a collection of the ways my readers are 'Doin your part'. Can't wait!!!