Friday, December 5, 2008

Incredible Deal!!!

I cannot express to you how much I adore getting a great deal. I always shop clearance racks. Around Christmas I always make a trip to discount stores like Ross, Marshall's, and the like. Last night my Mom and I took a trip to Tuesday Morning. Boy did we hit the jackpot!!!

This year for Christmas I wanted to buy my daughter a dollhouse. There are several earth/kid friendly options out there. I wanted the wood to be natural, the paint to be vegetable based, and for it to be made somewhere other than China. My two favorites are from Ryan's Room and Plan Toys. Well, last week I went ahead and ordered the Plan Toys Chalet. Typically it had been selling for around $130 without the furniture. I found it online, including a starter set of furniture, for $127 with free shipping. I felt pretty good about it...until last night.

I'm walking the aisles of Tuesday Morning scanning for items on my list when all of a it couldn't be...a Ryan's Room dollhouse!!! They are selling a $150 doll house for $70 - no joke. On top of that, they have all of the room sets of furniture (regularly $16-25) for $6-10. It was so hard to not buy one of everything!

Tuesday Morning also has lots of wooden toys and puzzles. Someone please got partake in this deal, it would make me feel so much better!